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We at Deccan Garnet., firmly believe that Indian Garnet is one of the best in the world. Which is crafted by nature in such way that every grain of Deccan Garnet is uniform with specifications, High hardness of 8 MoH and very High specific gravity 4 gm/cc make it unique. The beauty of Deccan Garnet is, it can be recycled several times . With very low chloride content make the life of the coating at least double which in long term advantage . Deccan Garnet has almost nil free silica which made very  safe for the environment and Loss on Ignition as low as 0.05% gifted by Nature.

Deccan Garnet’s  valuable clients exist in multiple business areas like  Surface Cleaning of tanks , ships , pipe lines etc and also for the water jet cutting . Deccan garnet is the preferred abrasive for the Oil and petrochemical , shipyards ,offshore platforms , military , water and desalination plants . Most of the  Paints manufacturing companies prefer Deccan Garnet as their  abrasive for the paint application . Our Sales Network is in 18 countries worldwide and also serving to some of the Top Private and Government Organizations in India.

Deccan Garnet is located in Orissa, a beautiful mineral rich city in Eastern coast belt of India, which is the only belt in India having World 's best quality Garnet Mines. Deccan Garnet exploits purest form of Garnet after thorough segregation Garnet ore at mines, and Garnet in found with other rare earth like limonite, silica sand , rutile etc which are separated by rare earth magnetic drum ,water  or hydro classifier  along with diesel fired driers  and  Double Sieving Facilities , Air Classifiers make us enable to size the Garnet in any size fraction as per customer's requirement.

 Deccan Garnet congregates the Garnet from Asia's the best mines and perform , sizing and gradation of highest purity of Garnet Sand in our our production facility . The Best Quality of Deccan Garnet  moves out from our Warehouse for use in the development of Coating  applications. The philosophy is to build growth on a foundation of high quality, world-class resources, and direct contacts with customers and thorough application knowledge.

Deccan Garnet,  with Blasltine India Group of Companies has extended her wings to over 18 countries with their esteemed associates to serve wide range of Best Quality Garnet . At Deccan Garnet , we strive to lead in the invention, value addition, development and manufacture uniform quality of Deccan Garnet , which has been highly appreciated by our massive clients worldwide.

The vision must be followed by the venture. It is not enough to stare up the steps - we must step up the stairs. We seek to become a Asia's largest manufacturer of supreme quality Garnet, where a customer should be highly satisfied with quality, our economical prices along with prompt deliveries. We search, develop and add richest form of Garnet from the Deccan plateau in the Eastern region of India.

The hardness and density of garnet combine to create a highly efficient cutting action with minimal dust emissions and confined fallout of used abrasive.

The scouring action of the relatively fine grains clean out pitted areas giving the highest degree of surface cleanliness whilst producing an even textured profile of between 65 and 75 microns.

Deccan garnet is totally inert offering no danger of environmental or marine pollution. Due to the low dust levels, operator visibility is greatly improved and other trades working in close proximity remain unaffected. Quantities of used abrasive which may contain contamination removed from the substrate by the blasting process, will be dramatically reduced thus minimising waste disposal problems.

The consumption of Deccan Garnet is controlled by the flow rate of the material through the blasting equipment.  The effectivness of small grain abrasives relies on the velocity of the particles being at the practical level.  Hence, garnet will be most efficient with the lowest effective amount of abrasive incorporated into the airstream.

In practice, optimum performance is achieved with 250 to 300 kilograms per hour of garnet within 300 to 400 cfm of compressed air at 80 to 90 psi at the nozzle.

Surface profile achieved under these conditions will be between 65 and 75 microns.  If the air pressure is increased, a profile of 90 to 100 microns can be produced. A blast pot containing 200 kilograms of expendable slag abrasive will normally run for 20 to 25 minutes. The same amount of Deccan Garnet will last between 40 and 50 minutes.  The relatively high density of Deccan Garnet allows an additional 25% by weight to be added to the pot thus facilitating non-stop blasting for well over an hour at a time