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Saudi Abrasives urge to bring down the impact on the environment due to Garnet dumping. We believe in the Recycle Reduce and Reuse theory. For that, we have done our best to bring the most efficient Garnet recycling machine in the Middle East.

Our Garnet Recycling machine undergoes five different processes before purest recycled Garnet is obtained. First, the used Garnet is sieved to remove all the foreign particles. Secondly, the Garnet is rinsed thoroughly in screw conveyor twice to remove all contaminants including dust, rust, paint flakes, and other non-metallic impurities. Then it is again washed using sweet water to get the cleanest Garnet.

After this, the Garnet is dried using the forced dryer and using the magnetic separator all the magnetic impurities are removed. In the final stage the recycled Garnet is sieved to all required sizes.

Recycling provides garnet users with a cost-effective and environmentally responsible option for disposing of used garnet that would otherwise be considered industrial waste.